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September 18, 2016
1:00 – 4:30PM
Lincoln, NE
  • Architect Home Tour
  • Architect Home Tour
  • Architect Home Tour
3344 South 30th Street

Munske Residence Remodel & Additions
Architect: John E. Sinclair, AIA

It is not often that an architect gets the chance to remodel & update a residence that has not changed in 60 plus years.  But this was the opportunity presented when Roberta Munske purchased the residence at 3344 South 30th in the Country Club neighborhood.

The existing 2 bedroom home had not undergone any significant changes, in fact it still retained the original metal kitchen cabinets, bathroom wall & floor tile, and ‘ranch style’ interior wood trim and door hardware.

The general program for the remodel was to convert the main bedroom into a master bedroom suite, upgrade the existing bathroom, reconstruct the entire kitchen, provide a first level laundry area, redo/refurbish all interior and exterior surfaces, create a new entrance with covered porch, and design a future library study to be constructed at a future date.

At the Entry, the new ‘columned’ porch structure provides a strong visual element to what was previously a very inconspicuous residential arrival. And the Kitchen, while not expanded in size, is updated with new custom designed cabinets and appliances, reflecting the Owner’s passion for cooking.

Throughout the existing rooms newly painted molding and wood trim, custom designed by the Architect, bring a simple but elegant cohesiveness to all of the rooms.

The Master Bath addition maintains the ‘prairie style’ roof lines of the original home, while incorporating banded clerestory windows and EFS cladding in a gridded composition on the new walk-in closet that links the Bath suite with the Master Bedroom. The clerestory windows in this portion of the remodel provide both natural light & privacy to this generously appointed space.

The resulting design brings this 1950’s residence into the 21st century creating a bright and modern home to accommodate the owner’s love of books, art and eclectic collections.

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